Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Activity Streams 101 Session at IIW

For those new to the standard, here is a brief explanation:
Activity Streams is a way of modeling social actions which improves the performance of human beings interpreting shared information and making decisions.

The Activity Streams data structure focuses on:

  1. Providing an up to date digest of important information narrated via the reader's social graph.
  2. Optimizing for human consumption by utilizing multiple mediums in a clean fashion
  3. Producing a cycle of engagement. As reactions to activities occur, those also become part of the stream 
There is also a standard specification which is being developed by a variety of companies and individuals. Here are a few details

  1. activitystrea.ms is a standard used to convey what people are doing around the web
  2. Defines a set of concepts and vocabulary
  3. Can be used with Atom, RSS or JSON
Here are a couple of examples

Activity Streams on Atom

Activity Streams on JSON

Latest News

  • Notes from Kevin Marks
  • Paul Tarjan from FB considers using for Facebook to auto refresh news about the objects in the graph using og:feed
  • OWFa Agreement is getting signed for v1

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