Saturday, June 6, 2009

MySpace comeback

  1. Make a huge public contest/tv series "Who will be the next Tom ?" Episodes will show contestants every day life and how they portray this on MySpace. TV show will also demonstrate how to do cool things to your profile page and link to videos on the site teaching you the tips and tricks.
  2. Users of MySpace follow and vote online for the Next Tom
  3. Create a secondary contest to pick the best profiles. This contest will include challenge questions to make sure the applicants are "for real".
  4. Select multiple winners each representing a different audience.
  5. New Toms will be VIP
  6. The real people from #3 will get a list of challenges to defeat to become VIP
  7. Vips will not get ads on their profile page or can have their own adds.
  8. Developers from MySpace will add modules which allow you to show your friends across all networks.
  9. Vips will be able to nominate 5 friends for vip. These people will have to face the challenges and can then invite more friends.

And so the user cleansing continues until you have a site with awesome members excited about bringing others on board and a true understanding of why the people are here.

Why MySpace ?

MySpace started off helping those looking to self promote. Primarily bands. They could easily setup "their website" on MySpace.
I think there is now an even broader market for self promotion. Everyone wants to be a celebrity in their own right. Whether you are well known for your musical talents or for your basketball skills or for how ridiculously good looking you are (zoolander joke there). Whatever the reason you are a proud individual with ideas, accomplishments and things to share. This is a time to prove yourself !

MySpace can provide an immense personalization layer. Our users can really "go to town" expressing their individuality via their MySpace profile with: custom art, media and other rich content including information from other sites. This is not something that you can easily do on Facebook or Twitter. They just list a partial set of activities and maybe allow you to change your background. MySpace however allows you complete control of everything displayed and how its displayed.

You may not always have the time or creativity that is why we have many tools to help you build your personal brand. Our offering has hundreds of pre built themes and modules of content you can add in two clicks. You can definitely use MySpace as your personal web page and remember if you look good we look good !

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