Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cerebral Snapshot


  1. Man on Southwest Flight 3149 from LAS to LAX: I repeat you cannot save seats. Much less 6 seats with a full plane !
  2. Taxi drivers are really nice when the economy is shit. Today one offered be complimentary bottled water... (I didnt accept it but gave him an extra buck)
  3. Vegas is the best quit smoking plan -- cough cough -- so that's where all the smokers went
  4. Damn I accidentally bought an Ed Hardy shirt....
  5. Eating Healthy Choice Tortilla soup when temperature im my apt > 85F is a bad idea


  1. The only way to scale is to be redundant.
  2. Semantics are king
  3. Progressive enhancement means Microformats and
  4. You must inject the microformats server side
  5. Don't bother exposing an API full of GETs

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